Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cesar and Alonso

Meet Cesar (on left) and Alonso (on right). They are pals. They are also avocados. My friend Chris gave them to me and he said that I should first put them in a glass of water near the sun. I love avocados so I'm looking forward to growing these boys up to bear many more avocados for me and my friends! (yeah, i know it'll take awhile.)

I went online and found some tips for growing avocados from seeds into trees. The site was The Garden Helper. Once Cesar and Alonso start sprouting some roots in 2-6 weeks, I'm supposed to plant them in soil. I'll put them in pots and keep them by the kitchen window where they'll get plenty of sun.

Right now, we're renting this house. And while I've got free reign to do what I want with the backyard, I'm still mindful of what I would want for my own home. So believe me, I've no intention of planting Cesar and Alonso in the ground here only to have to say goodbye when it's time to move. But when I do move into my own place, by then I can plant them in the ground and it'll be time for them to bear fruit.

So for now, they'll be my indoor buds.

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