Friday, August 14, 2009

Bruschetta from Pot to Table

I'm really anxious to start trying stuff out but I think the yard is gonna take quite awhile to get ready. I came across this video that shows you how to grow tomatoes and basil in a big pot, then how to make bruschetta. It seems easy enough, so I'm going to try it out this weekend since we happen to already have two big pots in the backyard. I figure this will build my confidence and motivation. In the mean time, I'm still planning on digging up all the dry grass in the backyard. I'll try to make another video to show you how my tomato/basil organic garden in a pot turns out!

Here's the steps, taken from the article at Home with Lisa Quinn from Live Well HD Network:

Grow your own veggies! Plant tomatoes and basil right at home. It's a fun, cost-saving way to eat organically and locally.

Planting Tomatoes and Basil:

* Use a 16 x 16 pot.
* Buy new potting soil, do not use old.
* Try cherry, roma or early girl tomatoes.
* Buy basil of your choice.
* Use a 1" Stick.


* Fill the pot almost to the top with soil.
* Dig a deep hole for the tomato plant.
* Take off the bottom stems of the tomato plant so the roots can develop.
* Insert the tomato plant and steak it with yours stick.
* Plant the basil, but don't dig as deep as you did for the tomato plant.
* Water right away.
* Make sure it gets plenty of sun.


  1. Very cool!!! I look forward to test-testing the results!!!